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3003C-Luxury Golden Radiant Whitening Powder Mast Treatment 9sets/box

3003C-Luxury Golden Radiant Whitening Powder Mast Treatment 9sets/box

Brand: 3003C
Product Code: M-3003C-001
weight︰ 2.10000000
In Stock
Price: HK$480.00

Very effective of hydrating, whitening, pigment lightening, and can improve dullness of skin.  By using essence powder treatment mask can improve the pores blockage problem.

Using method:

1)   After cleansing and peeling face, apply the essence gel on face by a small brush, keep the remaining essence gel for powder mixing purpose.

2)   After applied essence gel on face, you can use ultra-sound beauty machine or electroporation beauty machine to penetrates the essence gel deep into skin layer.  Or you can use bare hands to massage the essence gel until penetrates deep into the skin if the beauty equipment is not available.

3)   Again apply a layer of the essence gel by a small brush, leave the layer of essence gel on your face around 5 minutes as a mask.

4)   Open the powder sachet and pour into the soft powder mask bowl, add around 50-60 grams of essence gel and mix with the Golden powder.  Stir and mix the powder with essence gel ONLY in one single direction until all powder melt.  The mixture of the soft mask cannot too watery is the best.

5) Apply the mixture soft golden mask by soft powder mask spoon onto entire face, apply on neck is also suitable.  Wait for 20-25 minutes, then peel off the mask out from the face.

6)   Rinse face with water, apply your own facial essence, serum, face cream, eye cream.


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